Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion in STEM at UMass Amherst

Welcome to the Research Art-Science Exhibition (RASE) celebrating the rich diversity of STEM students at UMass Amherst in collaboration with the Digital Media Lab in the Du Bois Library, The College of Natural Sciences, and the Global Educational Outreach for Science Engineering and Technology (GEOSET) initiative.

Undergraduates and graduates, especially underrepresented students are encouraged to create an artistic representation of their research work that can be produced as a picture to be mounted and displayed in the Digital Media Lab and then produced as a Virtual Reality Exhibition.

During the opening event, students will stand by their artwork and talk to visitors about their research, giving them the opportunity to network with the campus community.

Pictures from RASE 2018


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The exhibition from last year was recreated as a Virtual Reality Experience.

rase screenshot 

Screenshots of the VR Experience

Download the PC version of the VR Experience



Information for Image Submission

Submit your image, a catchy title, and a one-paragraph description of your work.

 This exhibition focuses on all aspects of your research experience at UMass Amherst. There are many options available, for example:

A scanning electron microscope, transmission electron microscope image

A photo of an experimental procedure in progress

A photo of your materials on a surface

A picture used in a poster presentation

A picture used to highlight the research in your lab...


If you are unable to attend the exhibition but still want to have your image displayed, please go ahead and submit your image and let us know by email.

  • The final canvas will be 30" X 20" and will be printed and mounted by the Digital Media Lab. There is absolutely no cost to you! Just submit your Image.

  • Make sure your image looks good at 5400 X 3600 Pixels (180 Pixels per Inch)

  • Landscape Orientation

  • Your Image must be either a JPEG or TIFF 

To make a submission you must first log into UMass Google Apps then return to this page and click on the green box below ‘SUBMIT YOUR IMAGE”. 

Submissions open until the 15th April 2019

 submit your image

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Global Educational Outreach for Science Engineering and Technology (GEOSET)

Established in 2006 by Sir Harold Kroto (1996 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry) and Steve Acquah, and originally a science based initiative, GEOSET has expanded over the years to encompass the arts. GEOSET has created a global database of freely accessible, on-demand educational material which is typically presented as a dual-video window format, with presenters alongside their slideshow presentations. The material is located our main site www.geoset.info with participating institutions hosting local content on their sites such as Florida State University (www.geoset.fsu.edu), Sheffield University, Sussex University (www.sussex.ac.uk/geoset) and many other sites around the world. GEOSET also links to other major sources of educational material such as the Vega archive site www.vega.org.uk and the Royal Society (London).

“This is a great opportunity to show the UMass Amherst community and an international audience the growing culture of diversity and inclusion in the sciences !”

Pic Dr. Steve F. A. Acquah